David Shillinglaw is a UK based artist, best known for his works exploring human nature, success and failure, and the language people use to describe their experiences. David’s practice shifts between the street and studio using a variety of materials and mediums creating work that ranges from drawings and collages to large scale murals and installations.  David Shillinglaw lives and works in Margate, UK

“David Shillinglaw explores the conflicted, messy human condition: a relentless need for control within a disordered world. His vibrant, vital paintings present a tumultuous system in which natural forms, freely connected words and human features both burst from and are contained within grids, boxes and organised lines.” -Emily Steer.

All portraits by Joanna Dudderidge.

Solo Exhibitions.

2023. ‘Psycho Geography’. Helium Cowboy gallery. Hamberg, Germany.

2022. ‘Cosmos’ Eritage gallery. Lisbon, Portugal.

2022. ‘Dream Machine’ Think Space gallery. L.A, USA.

2021. ‘Cross pollination’ That Art gallery. Bristol, UK.

2021. ‘Relax, the universe is expanding’. Delphian gallery. London, UK.

2020. ‘Rewilding’. Jealous gallery. London, UK.

2019. ‘Alive in the Human hive’. Morgan furniture. London, UK.

2019. ‘Happy Place’. That Art Gallery. Bristol, UK.

2018. ‘Human Soup’. Turner Barnes gallery. London, UK.

2018. ‘Space is the Place’. Andenken gallery. Amsterdam, NL.

2017. ‘The Mechanics of Happiness’. The Palm tree gallery. London, UK.

2017. ‘If you’re playing you’ve already won’. Beaumont gallery. Vancouver, Canada.

2017. ‘Tales of Ordinary Madness’. That Art gallery. Bristol, UK.

2017. ‘How you are is Who you are’. Urban Spree, Berlin, Germany.

2016. ‘Optical Delusion’. Jealous gallery. London, UK.

2015. ‘Remote Control’. Helium Cowboy gallery. Hamburg, Germany.

2015. ‘YOU ARE HERE’. Scream Gallery. London, UK.

2014. ‘Hyper Collider’. Andenken gallery, Amsterdam, NL.

2013. ‘My Idea Of Fun’. Stolen Space gallery. London, UK.

2012. ‘The Dance of 1000 Faces’. Open Space gallery, Paris, France.

2012. ‘High Spirits’. Opperclaes gallery. Rotterdam, NL.

2011. ‘Self Medication’. The Hospital Club. London, UK.

2011. ‘All you’ll ever need’. East London gallery. London, UK.

2011. ‘Keep Smiling’. Opperclaes gallery. Rotterdam, NL.

Group Exhibitions.

2023. ‘Metamorphosis’. Eritage gallery. Lisbon, Portugal.

2023. ‘Meet Me In The Garden’. Duo exhibition with Lily Mixe at The Vanner Gallery, Salisbury, UK.

2021. Felt collective. London, UK.

2018. Imago, a history of portraits. MUCA. Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art. Munich, Germany.

2017. Annual works on paper group exhibition. Beers gallery. London, UK.

2017. Altered States. Saatchi Gallery, London, UK.

2017. Moniker Art Fair. Well Hung Gallery. London, UK.

2014. ‘You Win Some You Lose Some’. Exhibition and residency with Malarky. Sarri12 gallery. Athens, Greece.

2014. ‘Dizzy Spells’. Book launch and installation. Moniker Art fair. London, UK.

2014. The Jaunt. Residency and print edition. Denmark.

2012. Urban masters. Opera gallery. London, UK.

2008. ‘Animals’. 96 Gillespie Gallery, London, UK.

2008. ‘The Saved and The Damned’. Standpoint gallery and Gallery 1.1. London, UK.


2023. The Beat Hotel. Ibiza.

2021. Eritage gallery. Lisbon, Portugal.

2018. XTC Dive centre. Mexico.

2017. Artist in residence at Facebook (A.I.R program) London, UK.

2017. Vancouver mural festival. Vancouver, Canada.

2017. Urban Spree. Berlin, Germany.

2016. Cleveland art foundation. Ohio, USA.

2015. Visiting artist, Forum przestrzenie, Krakow, Poland.

2011. A Word of Art gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.

2010. Head Space Gallery. Nara, Japan.

2018. Status Imprecise. Siemens Senat. Istanbul.

2006. NYArts artists in residence. Beijing, China.

Commissions / projects.

2023. Interior mural. Audible. London.

2023. Interior mural. The Affordable Art Fair. London.

2022. Exterior mural for Rise Up residency, mural festival, Margate, UK.

2022. Interior mural. Paypal. London, UK.

2020. Exterior mural for The student Hotel. Vienna.

2020. Packaging design for pressure Drop brewery. 

2020. Suitcase design for Tumi.

2020. Backpack design for Kattbjørn.

2015. Exterior mural commission for Zetland house. 

2014. Olympic park exterior mural for the queen Elizabeth’s park, London.

2013. Urban Nation. Museum Window gallery. Berlin, Germany.

2013. Dulwich Outdoor Gallery. Exterior mural. London, UK.

2013. End of the Road festival. Exterior mural and Installation. UK.

2013. Latitude Festival. Outdoor Installation. UK.

2013. Wide Open Walls community art project. The Gambia.

2012. Exterior mural for Converse. London, UK.

2012. My bag. Artwork for Agnes B. Limited edition bag design.

2011. Screaming Is Something. Album artwork for The Travelling Band.

2009. In Watermelon Sugar. Theatre set design. Chicken Shed Theatre Company. UK.

2007-2008. British Council, Annual Report Illustration. UK.


2021. ‘Relax The Universe is Expanding’. Self Published.

2020. ‘Everything Starts in a Sketchbook’. Published by unseen sketchbooks. 

2020. ‘Mattress Mantras’. Published by Rough Trade.

2016. ‘Only Human’. 2016.Published by The Cleveland Foundation. 

2016. ‘The Mechanics of Happiness’. Self Published.

2012. ‘The Dance of 1000 Faces’. First edition published by Agnes b. Republished in 2015 by Unicorn Publishing.

2014. ‘Dizzy Spells’. Self Published.

2011. ‘Colourful Condition’. Self Published.