Where does the body end and the land begin? 

The body is a map, a messy mass of boarders and boundaries, bridges and branches, routes/roots, channels, tunnels, forests, swamps and mountains.

As Paul Klee says, I am, “taking a line for a walk”, tracing, tracking, back stepping, digging for treasure in the muddy marks, and hoping to find gold in a splash of blue. I find comfort in figures; mythological giants and hieroglyphic goddesses, kneeling, laying, praying. The personification of a land mass, a place or planet anthropomorphised. 

We are all looking to discover something, and it is natural to get lost along the way. We are cartographers in the wilderness of our body, mind and the world, and these things are not so separate. The world is an extension and construction of your mind. The value of confusion is measured in the currency of discovery. A place where questions are more important than answers, where vulnerability and fallibility is celebrated. 

Lose yourself to find yourself. 

Being lost is a way to being present.