Solo exhibition at That Art gallery, Bristol, UK.

Cross pollination is a an idea that helps me understand the process of how I make art. There is a conscious and unconscious back and forth that is integral to my process, somewhere between a design and a dream. I love the thought that bees don’t know they are pollinating plants and the flowers don’t know they are making honey.

The artworks I make overlap and collide, aesthetically and conceptually, the bi-products of one become the staring point of another. I work on multiple pieces at the same time, moving through an organised chaos of creation and destruction. Each work has its own title and autonomy, however, I see everything I do as a continuation, a process of constant development. I am searching for synergy and interconnectedness. I am tending to a garden, the artworks are fruits, weeds and wild flowers.

This exhibition gathers together works that demonstrate a shape shifting practice which celebrates the importance of play and constant change. Paintings, drawings and collages, works on canvas, paper, ceramics and recent experiments with metal. David Explores analogue possibilities, translating ideas and motifs into whatever materials or techniques are available. Everything is connected, each idea feeds and fertilises the next.