Alive in the Human hive. 

I am fascinated with how we communicate, both to the people,around us, and to ourselves. The personal, private dialogue, of inner thoughts, mantras and notes to help us balance through reality, vs. the public displays and open sources of information we share with the people we know, and the people we don’t. We are online all the time and in touch with an array of tools to help navigate the world, both our local world and the remote world.

I am interested in language and communication, visual and written, pictorial or spoken. and how the written word is a visual space that we negotiate, we learn a set of abstraction that are keys to understanding. This leads to a lot of space for error and confusion. This confusion is very important to me and my practice

Information is currency, what we know, and what we share this is how we connect to people, document our lives and identify ourselves. Emojis, slang, abbreviations and photos have taken over the way we express our feelings and experiences. now more than ever a picture is used to tell whole story. 

Drawing on the human experience, mixing dialogues and discourses to reveal an insight into the landscape of communication we are all contributing. I am interested in illustrating the strange and complex ways in which we talk to each other, and ourselves. Jokes, puns, misspellings, translations, disinformation, news, body language, sign language, emojis, the written word and the spoke word, tone of voice, gossip, story telling, comics, diagrams… the list goes on… I aim to illustrate the human hive, and to visualise the buzz of activity that happens when humans cooperate and coexist. The mural/wall paintings will draw on visual influences such as maps, building schematics, venn diagrams, and hieroglyphics. I hope to create drawings that illustrate this Human interaction; building a web of ideas that overlap and conjure something of the flux and energy that keeps us all moving along.