Solo exhibition at Helium Cowboy gallery, Hamberg, Germany. 28th April – 16th June. 2023.

Psychogeography is a way of connecting our inner and outer worlds; a measure or map of an emotional journey.

We are all navigating physical and psychological spaces, each of us on our own personal quest; climbing ladders and moving mountains, falling in love and falling apart, following dreams, and trying to reach the next level.

Young or old, rich or poor, we are all pushed and pulled by desires and discomfort. Some of us are displaced and forced to run, others fly to islands in the sun. It is a strange game and gamble, a restless ramble, to find your ‘happy place’ or home. We keep moving, and the world moves around us. Lose yourself to find yourself. Being lost is a step towards being present. The journey is the destination.