You Win Some You Lose Some

An exhibition by Malarko and David Shillinglaw

“ever tried, ever failed? Try again, fail again, fail better” -Samuel Beckett

The exhibition brings together the work of two London based artists both working in the streets and galleries throughout the world. Having worked together on and off the streets for the past year this exhibition the exhibition presents a series of site specific installations and artworks made during their stay in Athens. With a focus on found objects and art made from junk and discarded materials, attempting to turn the ordinary into the extra ordinary.

You Win Some You Lose Some illustrates the importance of play and failure. Using the friendly competition of collaboration and the challenge to work together to create a new body of work. Occupying the middle ground between a serious head-to-head and the locking-horns dynamic of a chess game or boxing match. The exhibition takes the works into an arena of collaboration rather than presenting solo works by singular artists.

The exhibition is a play fight in pictures, highlighting the process of making, and celebrating the importance of failure in order to get to a better state or condition.

You cant win ‘em all… and why would you want to?